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[Workshop]Akoya pearl accessory made by removing from shellfish


Workshop of Akoya pearl accessories made by removing from shellfish. From where we can extract pearls to accessories such as pierced earrings and necklaces about 1 hour. We introduce the process in detail of workshop.

① Choose a shellfish

The first step is to pick shellfish. About 50-100 shells are prepared at all times. You can selects your favorite shellfish. Depending on the shape and size of shellfish, there is a tendency of pearls to be removed. But what kind of color, shape of pearls are contained is not find out before you open, and that is fun for you. But, if you choose firmly you will surely be able to take out the perfect pearls for you.

Akoya pearl

Produced from Oita Prefecture in south of Japan. We used those purchased directly from domestic major pearl accessories manufacturers wholesalers. Shellfish is cultivated for a whole two years. Pearls are tempered by the coldness of the winter sea, creating a multiply wound nacre layer. The mother-of-pearl layer delivers delicate and elegant gloss.

There are various colors such as silver, gold, cream, pink, green, blue.
* Occasionally "silent blue" may contain pearls that cost more than 100,000 yen.

Approximately 6 mm - 12 mm.

Spherical or baroque type.

② Remove the pearl from the shellfish

After choosing the shellfish, open the shell with amazingly, take out the pearl in it with tweezers or the like. Depending on things you may be hiding behind the scenes, feeling like a treasure hunt. The pearls I've come up are special one of you.

[Number to be extracted]
One piece at 3,780 yen. Two at 5,940 yen.
* If you wish, you can also take out additional pearls (2,700 yen per piece).
* Processing according to your preference is possible, such as connecting multiple pearls. Metal fitting fee is required separately. In accordance with the design of the pearl taken out, we will make it while consulting with the instructor in charge.

③ polish the pearl and decide accessories to make

Once you take out the pearl, you will polish it cleanly. When you polish it beautifully, you can grasp features such as the color and shape of the pearl firmly. Based on its characteristics, you will consider with our staff what kinds of accessories will be finished. Several accessory parts are also available. We decide by considering compatibility with parts.

[Accessory to be made]
1: Earrings
2: Earring
3: Necklace

[Metal fitting material]

Plating (color is gold or rhodium) parts of the material
* Normal finish, additional charge etc does not occur
* In case of necklace production, only this finish can be selected

Silver material parts
* Additional charge of 756 yen ~ 2,700 yen will occur depending on the design

Parts of 14 KGF material
* Additional charge of 2,160 yen ~ 5,400 yen will occur depending on the design
* It has the characteristic that allergy is comparatively hard to come out
* It is characterized by discoloration of metal parts and plating peeling hardly occur even with long-term use

④ Open a hole in the pearl using a special machine

According to the specification of the decided accessories, we will pierce the pearls. Drilling is done using a special machine. After setting carefully, I will check with the staff and open the hole.

* It is also possible to take it home without adding parts, only after processing the pearls so far. In that case, you will have the shape to pick the parts by yourself and put on.

⑤ Completion after installing metal fittings

After finally attaching the metal fitting, it is completion of Akoya pearl accessory.

Try to challenge such accessories that make full use of the expression of pearls. It is surely awaiting encounter with the perfect pearl for you.

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