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[Workshop] Glass earrings made by gold splicing


Workshop to make glass earrings with gold splicing processing. From choosing a glass of your choice, it takes about 1 hour to 1 hour and half to actually finish it. We will introduce the process in detail. of workshop. (You can check how to reserve our workshop at the bottom of this article.)

① Choose the color of the glass with reference to the sample

First of all, you select 2 pairs (total 4) to be combined from the glass spread out on the desk based on the difference in color and shape. Because it is glass, expression changes according to the condition of light hit. By placing it on a fluorescent lamp or putting it on natural light, I take time to select it over time. In addition, when making additional production, we will select two more glasses totaling eight glasses.

[Glass color you prepared]
· Red
and so on...

About 15 mm - 40 mm
* Although there is no clear provision, when considering the beauty and durability of appearance, we recommend the above size.
* If the size is too large, it is possible to break the shape and shape it.

1pair: 4,320 yen (tax included)
Additional production: 2,700 yen (tax included) / per pair
* Additions will be settled at the reception desk on the day. You can decide whether to add on the day.
* It costs 4,320 yen for two people to make one pair each.

② Temporarily fix the glass

Temporarily fix the selected glass once. We will combine it while thinking about how to make the connection of the joint finely.

③ Bond the selected glasses

Combine glass shaped in shape and decide the final shape. Adjust the joint surface using a special putty according to its shape. The facial expressions are also different depending on the direction of the glass and the front and back, so it is important to consider firmly until it becomes a convincing combination among themselves.

Also, putty is not overdone, it is beautiful finish if you adjust with exquisite balance that is not too little. We will move the process one by one firmly and carefully.

④ Apply synthetic lacquer from the top of the bonded part

Apply synthetic lacquer (coating agent) from above the putty. Careful handling of synthetic lacquer. When gold powder is applied to the painted part, it will adhere to that form as it is. I will paint firmly with my favorite thickness.

⑤ Sprinkle gold powder / silver powder

Choose your favorite one from gold powder or silver powder and sprinkle carefully around the mainly coated part. After sprinkling to some extent, use a brush to wipe off the powder adhering to other than the coating part. It is OK when it becomes attached to only the coating part.

[Gold succession color]
1: Gold
2: Silver

⑥ completed by attaching earring / earring metal fittings

Pierce / earrings are chosen, finished with your favorite hardware color finished. A sense of sheerness of the glass matches gold and silver, making it a beautiful finish.

1: Earrings
2: Earring
* Both will be the main body pasting type (not the type to shake).


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